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RPO code UV8?

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Hi; not sure exactly where to ask this, so mods, feel free to move it if necessary!

I went thru the RPO codes in my glovebox yesterday and came across this one.

Anybody know what this actually does, or what would be hooked up to this? I don't have anything in the truck that looks like "mobile telephone" hardware or mounting; no built-in usb ports or anything like that. Just curious if there's something cool I could add since the truck came with this option. :)

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Haven't had that on any of mine. Maybe it's a some additional connector in the wiring harness that could've been used to install a phone system. However, considering you have a 99, what ever is in there is well outdated since it was designed for mobile phone technology used 15 years ago.

Was USB even a thing back in 99? 🤷‍♂️ 🤣 I think it was invented somewhere around that time, but surely wasn't used in any automotive applications at the time.
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Unfortunately I don’t have my original glove box so I’m not sure if my RPO codes on my 99. Wish I did :(
remember car phones?
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I would get it's probably power/ground/ and maybe antennae wiring for a carphone.
Perhaps it refers to a 'power port' to operate the phone?

IIRC, lots required being connected to power to operate.

Search 'bag phone' for examples.
Probably an option available to fleet buyers. Don't see anything owners manual about the option so probably uncommon. Is there a note on the spid label such as; F&SO and a 5 digit number?

F&SO - Fleet and Special Order
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