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Side by Sides

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Anyone on here into side by sides? I'm looking to upgrade to one for hunting and trail riding. Been looking into the Kawasaki Teryx and the Teryx4, Can Am Commander XT 800 and the Yamaha Wolverine R Spec. I've know several people that have had issues with the Polaris RZR with constant breakdowns and fixes so not really interested in the Polaris. The new Honda Pioneer 1000 looks interesting, but something about it just doesn't look right to me. Really need something with a usable bed so the full-sport mode units are out of the question. Would like to get something sporty and utilitarian all in the same package no Polaris Rangers or something similar. So if anyone has any input, please feel free to comment. Also if anyone is in the market for a 2006 Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI 4x4 in good shape in the North Alabama area let me know. I'm motivated to sell.
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I sold Polaris, Can Am, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki for 3 years. And I am a can am/Polaris guy. I prefer the Ranger for work. And enjoy the power of the can am vtwin. The new Teryx 800 is a really nice machine though, it has the best turning radius of any of them. The Honda is underpowered for what it is, and the shifting transmission is horrible for anything other than flat ground farm riding. The commander 800 is a great all around vehicle and definitely has the most comfortable seats. Drive them all, and make your decision off of that.

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I know you said you weren't interested in Polaris but they have the new General out, it's a mix of the Rzr and Ranger. I myself am a fan of the Rzr...

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Yeah, Polaris has some QC issues that they really need to take care of, but overall, they have the mix sport/utility covered with the General.

I've had mine since April, and have beat the crap out of it, and so far no issues what so ever.

The known issues with the General, and Polaris has been addressing them. The front driveshafts are out of phase/balance on some, and have been getting replaced for free. Why they don't check that before they leave the factory, is beyond me. My machine did not have this problem.

The other is inner/outer door plastic separation. Again, Polaris has a free fix for this too. My machine does not have this either.

The only reason I even know about these issues, is from a General forum I'm on. I did a bunch of research before buying, but they had only been out a few months when I ordered mine.
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