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Please read, understand, follow, and report violations if necessary.
Our goal is never to over-moderate or create restrictions, but rather to help us all thrive in this fast-paced, on-line environment.

Please don't hesitate to PM a Moderator or Administrator with comments or suggestions regarding this list or activity on the site. We can’t catch everything. As the saying goes; if you see something, say something.

Infractions will result in a confab of Staff members to be discussed as to severity of disciplinary action, if any. Appeals are always welcome, after all we are all human, we all make mistakes.

1. Moderators and Administrators are here to help keep this site as great as it is. If a Mod or Admin asks you to do (or not to do) something... please listen.
We are all passionate about this website and do our best to keep it clean and orderly for all. Staff comments are not to hurt or insult. It is for the overall good of all our members. Please respect that.

2. Don't swear... too much
We are a family friendly website. Let's keep it clean and respectful. If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandmother, don't say it here. F-bombs are never allowed and should never be implied.

3. NO racial or sexual slurs.
We are a family friendly website. Let's keep it clean and respectful. If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandmother, don't say it here.

4. We realize some of our members are "good 'ol boys" but do your best not to objectify the opposite sex.
We are a family friendly website. Let's keep it clean and respectful. If you wouldn't post it in front of your daughter, grandmother, or at church it doesn't belong here. If you wouldn’t want someone to post it about your own daughter or wife, don’t post it yourself.

5. There is never a reason to personally attack other members.
We are here to talk about trucks. If you don't like something someone said, report the post, or click out of the thread. We can’t see someone’s face thru the Internet to determine if they are joking, poking a little fun, or angry. Give posters the benefit of the doubt even if you don’t think they deserve it, not as a measure of their character but as a measure of yours.

6. Use an * in place of the letter "O" when spelling F*rd and D*dge (which we don't want to hear about). Don't even bother bringing up T*y*tas, or H*ndas... They're not real trucks anyway.

7. Do your best not to quote the post directly above yours.
We do our best to keep the site tidy and streamlined, and your help is appreciated. You wouldn’t quote the most recent line in a text message when responding. No need to do that here, either.

8. All classified ads require moderator approval. Be sure to read the guidelines before posting your ad. Classified Posting Guidelines
Our site sponsors/Vendors invest a fair portion of their advertising expenses to have the right to advertise here. Those who do not respect this rule are bringing dishonor to the site and risk being kicked from the site.
This section exists for member to member private sales and is not to be abused by companies or dealerships.
Never post your phone number or email address in any online public forum, for obvious security reasons. Communication should be via PM (private message). Just as a precaution, it's probably best to block-out your license plate number, too.

9. Work constructively with Admins, Mods, and other members to help keep this the best truck forum on the Internet. If you have suggestions or ideas, let the staff know.
Individual commitment to a group effort - That is what makes a teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. (Vince Lombardi)

10. Stay on topic.
This is the "Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra enthusiast super-site. The only site focused on Silverado/Sierra trucks exclusively." If you're not talking about a Silverado or Sierra, you are off topic. We don’t do any other vehicles here. Take the off-topic conversation to the Tailgate Talk

11. Avoid typing in ALL CAPS
Typing in all caps on the Internet is representative of yelling at someone. We are all here to listen - we can hear you.

Thank you for reading and complying with these guidelines. We are passionate about the success of this site and know you are too. So, let's continue working together to help stay the very best Silverado Sierra focused forum on the internet.
It was your input that inspired and developed these rules, so your comments, additions, and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to send a PM to any Mod/Admin.
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