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It’s time for ‘SilveradoSierra of the Month’ for August ’22!

Take your best picture, get the most votes, and you might earn honors as ‘SilveradoSierra of the Month’!

This month’s theme is ‘Your truck and your dog’. Pickups and pooches, doesn't get much better than that!

Let’s see some great (NEW!) pics!

Submissions will close August 27th. Voting will be from August 27th thru 31st.

Now the formalities:
Competition Rules… please read the rules as they may have changed. We don't want to delete your entry because you didn't follow the rules.
1) You are limited to one entry with two photos per member, per month. Once you submit your entry, no substitutions or additions will be permitted.
2) The winner will not be allowed to enter the Voting Booth for another SSOTM competition for three (3) months (you can play along and showcase your truck but will not be allowed into the top ten for three months).
3) Minor image corrections to compensate for camera variations are permissible but any photos that have evidence of excessive re-touching, lighting effects, color saturation, or Photoshop work could be deleted. Repeat offenders may be banned from entering the competition. Cropping is allowed. Blocking out your license plate is highly recommended.
4) Photograph submissions are allowed during the first three (3) weeks of every month. After that, the top ten trucks will be entered into the poll for the final voting. The poll will be open until the end of the month then the winner will be determined. (All dates are tentative as we are all volunteers here and have jobs, families, and other responsibilities, too, and sometimes things don’t always go as planned.)
5) You may include a comment in your entry. Please do not comment on other members’ entries. If there is some issue with an entry, please feel free to PM any Moderator about it or make a Report. Extraneous comments will be deleted.
6) If the Moderating team feels there is any indication of manipulating the results of the poll to determine the monthly winner, any and all participants suspected of bamboozling the results could be banned from the website for 30 days and barred from participating in SSOTM for the current month + the next 12 months.
7) Staff Members will chose the ‘SilveradoSierra of the Month’ theme each month. We are always open to, and encourage, suggestions. We need suggestions, please!
8) For pictures that are not directly related to the SSOTM theme for the month, Moderators reserve the right to delete the picture and/or the entire post.

A few tips:
1) Enter two pictures. Take full advantage of the competition rules. Different angles are great.
2) When taking your pictures, take multiple pictures of each angle. You may find some shots are better than others. Since everyone's photos are digital, it only costs a little memory to capture the best shots. Delete the ones you don’t want to keep.
3) Feature your whole truck, bumper to bumper. Regardless of the theme, the idea is to feature your Silverado or Sierra.
4) Keep true to the theme. If necessary, explain the reasoning why you feel the pictures meet the theme.

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Come on fellas, six days in, where are your entries?

Lest We Forget: 77 years ago today, the Enola Gay dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima.

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Also 132 years ago today, William Kemmler became the first person in the world to be executed via electric chair.

That should get more entries started.

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My two good girls

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