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***Sold***2007 Silverado Crew Cab Z71 71k miles NO RUST

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Decided to sell my baby! 2007 Chevrolet Silverado LT 5.3 auto 4x4 Crew Cab, NO RUST!!! NEVER RUSTED! WESTERN TRUCK!, NEAR SHOWROOM NEW! NEEDS NOTHING!

THIS TRUCK HAS EVERY OPTION! Rare Flex Fuel, Heated Leather, On Star, Sunroof, Bose XM Radio 6 CD Changer, REAR DVD Player for the kids! ETC...

Blue Book is $23k! One of the Cleanest Trucks Around! Don't SPEND $60K NEW One ~ Save Money! .

New Tires and Rough Country 3" Leveling kit with New shocks.

Truck has a rebuilt title, replaced Bed and Tailgate Located in Madison Ohio 44057

$16,000 Firm. :cool:

Rick 440-413-Twenty42


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Why did you replace bed and tailgate? Why would they issue a rebuilt title for simple work like bed replacement?
One more question. How did you come up with 23,000 book value with a rebuilt title?
Exactly. I asked a friend who does body work, full bed replacement doesn't require a rebuilt title. That's mainly for structural (frame ) work. For illinois anyways.
For almost all states.. or unless it was in a flood. Perhaps the OP could give a few more details on this great deal of a truck.
Loved the gusto and the presentation of the sale until I got to that little tidbit about the rebuilt title. Ouch, I sure hope for you that you didn't pay more than a couple grand for it when it was totaled. Because any discerning buyer won't spend more than that for something with a rebuilt title, but good luck.
Ok Guys,, I purchased the truck out of a ins. auction in Aspen Colorado, I dont know why they labeled the truck as a total Loss there was NO FRAME DAMAGE, it was hit high in the taillights, dented the back of the cab and a few dents on the passenger doors, The Truck has all the original panels except the Bed, tailgate and bumpers, This truck Runs and Drives Like NEW! The Doors open and close with 2 fingers. If this truck was twisted you wouldn't be able to do that. I'm a very honest person and I want any interested party to be fully aware of there purchase.
I think your close on the price but Unfortunately it's going to be a hard sale with a rebuilt title. I bought and sold a 88 K5 blazer with rebuilt title that was in excellent condition. It was priced the same as a rust bucket junker because of the title.....
Good luck OP, it looks great in the pictures but it will be a struggle to get people to overcome the fact that it's a salvaged title... Did you do all of the work or do you have paperwork from a repair shop itemizing the damage and repairs done? Could help your cause quite a bit.
I did all the work myself, Most Body shops wont do the kind of work I require, I was a inspector for 18yrs in my previous Job, so I'm kinda perfectionist.
Congrats on the sale
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