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Speed limiter

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I picked up 3 2009 Sierra 1500 WT's that were previously used by the British Military. 1 of them is limited to 90 kph (55 mph) then the fuel cuts out until the speed drops to 80 kph (50 mph). I assume its controlled by the computer. is there anyway to reset the computer back to the original program without special equipment?
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As far as I know you have to use a tuner to change it or take it to a dealer.
There is no on board programming for it.
Most tuners will do it but even the cheap ones are a couple hundred dollars
Maybe who you purchased the trucks through can do it if they are the ones who set it
Thanks for the quick reply, I'll have to check to see what the dealer wants to do it.

The trucks were purchased by the Canadian Government for the British military who modified them with 24 volt systems, a roof hatch and rewired them with switches to black out all lights on the truck. I assume the British military or a contractor did the modifications as another of the trucks has a speedo that runs about 15% under the actual speed limit. In any case, they are not an option for reprograming.

Thanks again,
A tuner would fix the speedo problem too as you can adjust for different tire sizes.
Get a hold of hypertech and ask about the max energy 2.0 tuner and see if they will allow you to tune all 3 trucks since they are the same as a bulk package.
I was just on their website, and that looks like it will do what I need. I wonder if it was this type of tuner that was used to adjust everything, if so will one tuner overwrite the programming from the another tuner?
I believe when you hookup a new tuner it will see whatever tune is already on the truck and call it the original tune.
It will think it's the factory original tune. When you change the tune the tuner will save the old tune as the original.
If you want to use the tuner on a different truck you have to put the first truck back to the original tune to free it up.
Then there is the problem, what it thinks is an factory tune is not and your first truck will go back to the speed limiter settings that were on it you were trying to get rid of.

But if you contact a tuner rep and explain what you have they may work with you so you can get all 3 trucks reprogrammed under one license.
It probably wasn't done with a tuner, conversion shops for the Government use proper equipment, like a Tech2.

Dealer should be able to sort it for you.
That could possibly be the cheaper route depending on the dealer charge.
If they would go $100.00 a truck that would equal the price of a cheaper tuner.
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