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There was a remote start on my 2000 Silverado. Dealership I bought it from never knew about it.

Here's my story bout it...I found the key fob for it in door storage pocket AFTER buying the truck. Found it one day, pushed the button on it and truck fired up! I was like aw crap, now how in the heck do I turn the engine off without a key in the ignition? Obviously, this shows my inexperience with remote start system. Anyway I hop into truck, put foot on brake and engine shuts off. Ok, so that answered how to shut engine off. So tried it again, but this time push button to start. Then inserted key into ignition, turned it forward to run position. Then turned back as normal to shut engine off...ok so now I know another method to shut engine off. I used that feature every winter I had that truck. It was the first and only vehicle I've ever owned that had a remote start.

And to help you in your search for a system to install...well, I'm no help as I have no idea what it was. But I somewhat remember a name brand on the key fob that was Costra or something like that. That was a Canadian truck, and was first owned by someone in Flint, MI before being bought by my local dealership at a MI auction and bringing to central VA.

So...I've sub'd to your thread for updates, as I'd like to have a remote start system on my 2004 CCSB...

Edit: it was Astrostart...not Costra...had to dig deeper into my foggy memory to pull that info out!

Edit again: Just re-read your first post...manual locks on your truck...duh...I definitely didn't help you any as my 2000 was power locks.

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