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Summer's coming and the days are getting nice.

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Hey y'all, over the years we have gained many more members from the Seattle area. I think we need to start making plans for a meet, centrally located of course. I am figuring somewhere around Issaquah or Bellevue. We have quite a few military members between JBLM, Whidbey Island and Everett as well as all points east and south of those locations.

If anyone in the mentioned areas or people that know the area better than myself (which would be pretty much anyone that looks at this post), please make a suggestion for a good venue. State parks and pizza joints always seem to be good starters as well as sectioning ourselves at a pre-planned show.

I'd like to try and get something by mid to late June so that we could get a couple in this summer.
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Sedro-Woolley 2016 Car Show. Would be an interesting caravan up highway 9...or I-5.

Any takers?
i'm in!!
Oh wait
The only people that look over here are the idiots from the other side of the globe...sad.
We have to keep the idiot on your side company...

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