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Gentlemen and ladies
I have no taillights. I know the bulbs work because when I hit the key fob to unlock the truck, the bulbs work then. Checked the fuses, they are good but not getting 12 volts when the taillights should be on. The relay for the taillights is getting 12 volts where it should, terminals 85, and 30, which are hot at all times, but the relay is not directing 12 volts back to pin/terminal 87, which it should when you turn the lights on. Why isn't the relay supplying 12 volts to terminal 87 when the lights are turned on??? The wire for terminal 86 dark blue wire, goes to the Body Control Module, from there it gets its ground from the headlight switch, I bet I am losing my ground from there right?

Any ideas?

Thank you all....
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