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Tow Mirrors, different swivel points?

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I'm curious to know if the driver side and the passenger side towing mirrors are suppose to have difference swivel points.

By swivel points, I mean the entire mirror itself.For reference, a swivel point for driverside mirror sits at 17inch from the side of the mirror to the drivers window, and the passenger mirror closest swivel point sits at like 14-15inches from the passenger mirror (It folds in closer to the door than the drivers side)

Are the mirrors suppose to have difference swivel points, or did the company I bought them from screw up the installation? This is now the second set of mirrors I've gone through with them... Might explain why they're extremely cheap in price.
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Ignore this post. I found some threads online that say that most if not all aftermarket tow mirrors have different angles.
Yea even my knock off tow mirrors turn, but it is very cheaply made.
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