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Let me start out by saying my truck is a 99 Silverado with the 5.3l. So I've done some research on the forums about the issues with the MAF sensor and still haven't really answered my question as to why my issue is occurring. I bought the truck with blown head gaskets, and it ran and idled fine (that is for having blown head gaskets lol). Got everything back together torqued to spec etc. Got it started and running no problem with the MAF sensor unplugged. I plug it in and the truck instantly chokes it self out it seems and surges at idle and dies. It has no throttle response whatsoever with it plugged in. I pulled the MAF sensor cleaned it with the proper cleaner and still no luck. Its hard for me to believe that the MAF sensor is bad because it wasn't before I did the head gaskets. I don't think there is a vacuum leak because again with the sensor unplugged it runs like a wet dream. Any insight?


- Erik
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