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flrmatt said:
Sorry I'm in the great white north and it's been to cold to look into it further. But pulled the dash apart today and noticed that someone has put a jumper wire in behind the headlight switch. Anyone know what this is all about. If I disconnect it nothing works and truck won't start but wired back up it works fine when I turn headlights in first.

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Maybe someone did this to make a redneck security system, so that if someone tried to steal the truck, it wouldn't start.

Seeing that you said it looked like someone replaced the ignition cylinder, and the Security light is staying on.

In any case, a circuit is not getting power when it is supposed to, so the jumper is robbing power from somewhere else to feed the circuit.

Hope you get it figured out soon. My Security light has been on for about a year!

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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