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What did you do to your rig today?

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Took this from a vw thread I'm in.
Basic idea is to put up what you did to your truck and throw up a pic. Let's see how this gets going.
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Today, not much. Drove it about 40 miles is all.
i got gas for $3.42 a gallon. change the oil 2 days ago
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I put a nice little scratch on my tailgate trying to load up a motor. Probably have to do a pitman arm soon...
Just drove mine to work and back, put maybe 50 miles on it in the snow, nothing too exciting!
Nothing, drove to work then back home. 26 miles round trip.

Pretty sure I messed up my 4x4 driving to work in the snow....what fun
I wish we had snow this year...

We got a dusting that lasted a few hours...
I drove mine about 65 miles and put 60 bucks in gas in it.
I put some Bilsteins on it and my chrome arms and powdered coils.
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That does look good. I'd go with a bit more tire lol
Brushed off snow...drove to Subway. Ate sandwich, drove home. Not much for the truck to do. Great day though.
Hauled some mulch home and picked up our new sofa and love seat. Doin what she loves to do.
Hauled some mulch home and picked up our new sofa and love seat. Doin what she loves to do.
Ordered it!

Woooo hoooo!

2012 GMC 1500 SLT 5.3L Summit White w/ Body Color All Terrain Z71 package.

Now I get to wait "6 to 8 weeks".... Going to be a long winter.

I do want to say thanks to the members of because you helped nudge me into the final decision to get the Sierra over the other options.

Did you know if you look up Dodge in the dictionary it means "to avoid"?

Just sayin....
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Atta boy, angryrussell!!!

Oh, you are going to love that summit white truck! Welcome to the SITE, and we cannot wait to see you pics and contributions!
See my signature, for what that bad boy truck will look like. AWESOME!!!!
Great 55 degree day here in eastern Iowa today. After reading some posts about shortie antenna's, knew I had to have one for my truck. Nothing like the antenna whipping my garage door header all the time to change it out. :x First local auto parts store I hit ( Advanced Auto ) had just the antenna I was looking for. Pretty nice little set-up. Took all of 5 minutes to put it on. I think my reception is better now too. Nothing like cabin fever to get you out to add a new mod . :D Here is a pic or two of the universal antenna set-up. Next up,,,, tOwINg MIrrORS,,, :cool:


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Started it when I got out of work (18F out) at 6:30am drove home parked it in the garage and its sat there since. Cant wait to get my LED light bar and T connector to my front door so I can install it :D. though with this weather ill prob have to wait till June grr.
Uploaded another Lew Tune to the truck. Haven't had a chance to test it out but I'm sure it will be great! Should be ready for WOT tuning shortly.
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