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Whirring/Humming noise from belt area

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Good morning y'all;

It's been a while since I've been active on have a two year old daughter now and that has taken up the predominant amount of my past 2.5 years or so...and I haven't been driving the Silverado much but it's about time to get her ramped back up.

She is at 145,000 miles now and I was thinking about trading her up for a NBS...but now that I've put a mess of work into her I realize how badly I would miss this one and have decided to continue running it...just replaced the water pump, oil pan gasket, AC & Serp belts, new pads (and/or Rotors) all the way around with new tires and the plugs and wires. She is running like a top now...except one thing:

The Silvy is making some kind of aweful whirring/humming/(not-quite-a) buzzing noise from the belt region. New belts, so they are not suspect...I have posted a video down below that will hopefully give you a quick listen. Any thought? Tensioner Pulley or AC drive be causing that? It's intensity is magnified by throttle when driving, if that helps at all? Thanks a lot - glad to be back on the forum!

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bump it.
To me that sounds like more than just a tensioner, most times I've heard them going out it's just a high pitched chirping noise. That sounds like some kind of pump going out. Obviously it must be something that is ran by the serpentine belt since it picks up in intensity with RPM, hard to tell tho since it sounds like there are other noises present as well.
You know...I am going to start with the water pump and go from there. Just noticed it has been leaking so I may get by with a two-for-one before its all over. Let you guys know if that's what it shapes up as.
Sounds like a water pump to me. Definatly a bearing going bad.

I appreciate your guys' responses. My Low coolant light has been popping on intermittently the past week and with a full reservoir I didn't think to check the water pump for a lower-block leak...but it's there. I betcha that's the culprit. New one coming in Wednesday - get her in and see what I come up with. thanks!
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