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Wiring pushbutton start module

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Okay so I am trying to wire my 2010 silverado 4.3 wt to start using the Amazon pushbutton start panel with aux switches. I have successfully wired up ignition one and two using the brown and pink wire to the power side of the switch that turns on the ignition. I was told that the white wire is the start wire so I wired that to the out side of the engine start switch. I have a good ground and the ignition flicks on and ig 1 and ig1 start on the truck when the switch is flipped, but when I press the start button nothing happens. My questions are as follows.

I was told the white wire is to the starter and does the start function. Is this true if not which wire goes to the starter.

I have a black and red wire that doesn't go to anything. What is that for and does it need to be wired to power for the start to work.

The wires are

Going to the plug that sticks into the key module is red/white
And black and white

All the other ones went to the switch thing that you can use to pull out and twist the wheel to start the truck if the key breaks. Right now the red and white and pink and black wires aren't used and the white wire I was told is for the starter goes to power out. What are these for and what do they do


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What have you done for the security system? For my '12 3500, it needs a key with an RFID chip that is programmed to the truck, for the ecm to run the starter when you try starting the truck...
I have the most basic wt model. Crank windows etc. It only had a key. At one point today I had it working with the push button but then when I wired it in completely it didn't work anymore after I ran the wires so I'm assuming I crosses one of them by mistake. Going to work at it tomorrow. I'll post here when I figure it out.
I also have a WT and the key has an RFID chip that has to be there for the security system. Maybe try inserting your key in the ignition, and then see if your starter switch works...
This key is in the ignition. The only thing I want is for the buttons to start it and the switch to turn on the ignition. I feel like if I mew the wires I'd be able to do it
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