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3.08 gear towing more than stated capacity

Can I tow more than 6800 stated capacity

Re: 3.08 gear towing more than stated capacity

Postby jayhawkhusker » Mar 29 2016, 2:44am

In response to bogginchevy I think the major question on this post centers around the Sierra/Silverado increasing listed towing capacity going from around 6500 to 9500 simply by changing the rear gear ratio from 3.08 to 3.42. Trucks are otherwise identical. Definitely don't want to be overloading the truck but really wanted to get opinions on towing toward the upper end of the range for the 3.08.
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Re: 3.08 gear towing more than stated capacity

Postby OilFracker » Mar 29 2016, 2:46am

CJ Jones. I have the same pickup as you do and I wouldn't be afraid to pull that load. Don't be afraid to drop down to 5th or 4th gear manually if you feel it's pulling a hard wind or hill.

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Re: 3.08 gear towing more than stated capacity

Postby BogginChevy » Mar 29 2016, 11:25am

the point i was trying to make. and JayHawk was on to it.

was that if simply changing the gear ratio , you could magically pull more; then why not put 7.17 gears in, air bag helpers, weigh distributing hitch, 10 ply tires on and tow 50,000 lbs.

im not saying that you "couldn't" tow a little more and be safe about it. but its absurb to think that you can just replace 1 or 2 parts and all of a sudden you can tow 10 tons. there are reasons why, larger truck have bigger springs, axles, steering components, brakes etc etc, because its designed to do a specific job...If companies could get away with from running 3500's and use Ranger pickups, they would..but the fact of the matter is, alot comes into play when they build something.

Most people think of only the basics when building something. and thats why things fail.

you think gears = higher towing capacity

I think, Ring gear diameter, axle tube thickness, spring shackle thickness, brake diameter and heat dissipation, load spread, frame flex, and more..

a final analogy; You wouldnt put a 3500 lb winch on the front of a 10k lb rig would you? Someone could argue that you could and it would pull it fine, maybe with 3 snatch blocks; but realistically it could only pull it, maybe, on flat ground, with no load on it. But, go on an incline and it wouldnt be able to do it. However, if you bought a 15k lb winch, you could pull it up a 45 degree incline with no problem and with out helpers.
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