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Performance upgrades for towing

Re: Performance upgrades for towing

Postby 19trax95 » Feb 26 2021, 1:43am

Yeah in I think 2016, maybe 2017 they went from "M" to "L".

That's the one thing that's nice about the F***'s. You can be in drive and still tap the shift buttons and drop a gear without needing to move the shifter down into manual.
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Shifting into Sixth Gear! [L3]
Shifting into Sixth Gear! [L3]
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Re: Performance upgrades for towing

Postby 19Denali » May 02 2021, 6:14am

BeardedKillJoy wrote:Hey everyone!

I am looking to add get a little more out of my truck for towing. I have a 2017 crew cab 1500, Z71 and all star package, 3.42 axel and my truck has the rough country level in it, I have 285/65/18 duratracks on as well. Everything else is stock, no air filter upgrade or anything like that. I have a weight distribution hitch and am pulling a 30 foot camper. I also have the Roadmaster active suspension installed on my truck.

I want to get a diablew tune, but before I do I'm wondering what performance upgrades I should do to get the most out of the truck and the subsequent custom tune. K&N air filter? What else? What are your guys suggestions? I appreciate any help and feedback, but please don't tell me to get a bigger truck. It's not in the cards until we pay off a vehicle so I need to make this work a little better for the next year.

I am in a similar boat (literally). I pull a boat that is pretty heavy and was curious how you like the Roadmaster active suspension??? I just became aware of this yesterday while looking around. It seems pretty straightforward. Do you like it? Did you notice any difference when pulling? Was it easy to install? Any info on it would be much appreciated. As far mods go, I would look into header-out exhaust (long tube headers) and mass airflow intake system (K&N?). Then get a custom tune. That will help mid-range power (where most of the pulling is done). The gear change will definitely make a difference as well!
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