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Blown 4l80e trans

Slipping gears, shaking in overdrive and Burnt smells

Blown 4l80e trans

Postby NoGasMileage [OP] » Oct 17 2020, 4:53pm

Just last night I’m pretty sure my trans is giving it’s last breaths so I’m going to rebuild it or have a shop do it. I want to do a couple upgrades with this rebuild like a shift kit/ reprogramming kit and a torque converter. I don’t really know a thing about them or really even how they work but I’ve heard they can make a difference. I’m going to get a transgo kit but what kind of converter should I get or what should I look for? I’m pretty sure the old one is Whats causing my vibrations and shaking in overdrive. I have a 02 4l80e. To sum it up what to look for in a torque converter and is there anything else I should do on this rebuild?
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Re: Blown 4l80e trans

Postby silentbravosilentbravo is online! » Oct 17 2020, 5:15pm

Unless you are going for a high horsepower build / race truck you don't really need to upgrade the converter. Most aftermarket converters are higher than factory stall, which is worse for towing/truck duties and the stock part is plenty tough until you start really throwing the power to it.

There are a few small mods to do inside to improve them, but again these transmissions don't need to much in a stock application or even with small power adders they are fine.

It really depends on what you are doing with the truck, what is necessary or not.
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Re: Blown 4l80e trans

Postby Walkers » Oct 17 2020, 5:39pm

Since it sounds like you've been driving it while is is dying, you are going to need to have the pump machined, as it is going to be full of shrapnel.
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Re: Blown 4l80e trans

Postby roorancher » Oct 17 2020, 8:25pm

Contact Phoenix Transmission in Weatherford, Texas. They'll build and ship you exactly what you want, or even a stock one. No core charge, either.


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