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Just noticed my knob in 4 low position

Just noticed my knob in 4 low position

Postby Madeinoregon [OP] » Nov 09 2019, 3:10am

Pulled in the driveway today and noticed the transfer case knob in 4 low. Not sure if I bumped it or turned it thinking it was the light knob, or how long ago it happened. Don’t think it ever engaged as I’m sure I would notice the low gear. But I am curious if the transfer case defaults to 4 high if it’s in the 4 low position and I don’t shift into neutral. Just hoping I didn’t do any damage driving around on dry asphalt in 4 wheel.
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Re: Just noticed my knob in 4 low position

Postby 19trax95 » Nov 09 2019, 3:22am

There was another thread with pretty much this exact same scenario a few days ago.

But if you flipped it into 4low while moving and in gear then it will not engage. It will not go to 4 high either.

So unless you went to 4 high first and let it engage then went to 4 low then you were likely in 2wd.

It's very easy to tell your in 4wd high while on the road. Steering is more firm and it will buck on sharper turns.

4 low you would absolutely know you where in. The motor would be screaming just to go normal road speeds.
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