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rear end thud?

Re: rear end thud?

Postby RivGuy » Mar 30 2020, 12:21am

TennMan wrote:My 2001 Sierra was doing the same thing. Putting leaf spring clamps on the springs stopped it. You can read about it here. It might not be the problem on your newer truck but it's worth trying.
I got the Autocraft leaf spring clamp kit from Advance Auto Parts. Cost for both springs was about $20.

Thanks for the tip. I think I'll give that a try. I'll see if my Advance Auto has them in stock.
Any reason you only strapped the front of the springs and not both the front and rear.???
I know when moving forward and applying the brakes to stop the truck, the spring load is such that the front of the spring becomes unloaded, taking the tension off the front of the spring Then the rear of the spring compresses taking all of the load.
But if the thunk is heard on stopping (deceleration) and then on take-off(acceleration) wouldn't that necessitate doing both front and rear.

Maybe I'm just overthinking things on this cold and rainy day.

Anyway, would not have thought about clamping the springs if it wasn't for your post.
Thanks again,
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Combustion on 4 pistons [L2]
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Re: rear end thud?

Postby TennMan » Mar 30 2020, 1:08am

I just followed the instructions in the link I posted above that recommended putting the clamps on the front of the spring 6 inches from the u-bolts that hold the spring to the axle. When you tighten down the clamp it will pull the bottom spring up against the other two. (at least it did on my truck). It completely eliminated the clunk I was feeling. It did make the suspension a little stiffer in the rear. A good trade off as far as I'm concerned. I hope it works for you. Please report back and let us know the results you get.
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