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Transmission troubles please help

Transmission troubles please help

Postby Chevysilverado_8.1 [OP] » Feb 15 2020, 6:20am

Okay guys bear with me here I just purchased a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD with a 8.1 liter Vortec and Allison 6-speed transmission my problem is with the transmission driving the truck it shifts through all the gears fine the problem is when you give gas to catch a passing gear it does not downshift if you put it in manual mode and downshift it downshifts but if you're driving and you want to pass someone and give half trottle or even the Full Throttle to catch the next gear lower it doesn't do it now this truck in the past has had problems it has had a lightning strike the tree next to it and it messed up some components the previous owner replaced the TCM and ECU and a bunch of other stuff most of all the components are working fine the only thing not working on the vehicle that I can tell is the fuel gauge the ABS light is on but I don't know if that's the cause or something else is I know the ABS comes on on these trucks and the temperature gauge does not work for the transmission that's pretty much all I know about the truck but my issue is with the transmission other than it not downshifting when giving gas it shifts fine please help me
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