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December 2019's -- Truck Of The Month

YOU and YOUR truck in Mud or Snow

December 2019's -- Truck Of The Month

Postby Onlyina_Chevy [OP] » Dec 02 2019, 8:44pm

*** As always, most of this post is cut and chopped from previous months. If there are any errors, please PM or email me; PM notifications also go directly to my email. Don't add correction suggestions to the main thread as a post! Competition rule No. 4***

SilveradoSierra.com's monthly Truck of the Month competition is here! Take the best picture, get the most votes, and you might just take home the bragging rights as winner of our Truck of the Month competition.

Please read the entire introduction before submitting your entry!

This month's theme is:
Your Truck In Mud Or Snow

With 46% of the U.S. being covered in snow right now (higher percentage for our members to the north....waiting on a response from the NOAA for an exact percentage) and weird patterns for rain this late in the year, either mud or snow shouldn't be a problem. ANYWHO...Get a pic of YOU and YOUR truck buried to the axles (lol....axles...there's a good joke) in mud or snow, or get your one of your friends to take a pic of you acting the fool in the brown or white stuff or just cap a snap of your truck high atop the snow-capped mountains.

Be creative with your truck and get those cameras clicking to claim fame to
December 2019's Truck Of The Month!
Remember, this competition is as much about the picture quality as it is about featuring your truck.

Competition Rules ***just like that voice message you get when you call tech support, please read the rules as they have changed*** I don't want to hear any crying when I constantly delete your entry because you didn't FULLY read the competition rules.

1) You are limited to one entry with two photos per member, per month! This means once you submit your entry, you cannot offer substitutes or additions later on in the same competition.

2) The winner will not be allowed to enter the Voting Booth for another Truck of the Month competition for SIX (6) months (you can play along and showcase your truck, but will not be allowed into the top ten for 6 months). **Ineligible for this competition:
JWSTROUT(October), Chevrolado(September) 19Trax95(July), Djentlemanjoe (June),

3) Photograph submissions are allowed during the first 3 weeks of every month. After the 21st day, the top 10 trucks will be entered into the poll for the final voting. The poll will be open until the end of the month, and then the winner will be declared. However, if the number of entries exceeds 20, on the 22nd we will be asking the community to submit their picks for the Top 10. On the 23rd we will compile a list to determine the final Top 10.

4) You may include a comment in your entry, but please do not comment on other member's entries. If there is some issue with an entry please feel free to PM any Moderator about it. Extraneous comments will be deleted!

5) Any photos that have any evidence of re-touching, lighting effects, color saturation or Photoshop work will be deleted immediately. Repeat offenders may be banned from entering the competition. Cropping is allowed as well as blocking out your license plate, but no other manipulation of the photo is allowed.

6) Sad we have to address this... If the moderating team feels there is any indication of manipulating the results of the poll to determine the monthly winner, any and all participants suspected of bamboozling the results will be banned from the website for 30 days and barred from participating in TOTM for the current month + the next 12 months.

7) To avoid confusion and to streamline the competition, Staff Members will chose the Truck of the Month theme.

8) For pictures that are not directly related to the TOTM theme for the month, moderators reserve the right to delete the post, no questions asked.

***FYI, Many of our members use work computers that may limit websites they can view. It would be in your best interest to upload attachments at the post or upload your pics to your personal member gallery as opposed to linking from imjur, Photobucket or your Facebook page, etc. If people can view this website while at work, they will be able to see your pics. This becomes very important when our members are voting for their Top Ten and during the Vote. ***

If site members have an idea for a theme for the month, they may post it here: T.O.T.M. Themes/Ideas
It is very hard to find just 10 members to enter in the voting booth. Here are a few tips to help make the list:

1. Enter two Pictures. Take full advantage of the competition rules. Different angles are great.

2. When taking your pictures, take multiple pictures of each angle. You may find some shots came out better than others. Since everyone's photos are digital, it only costs a little memory till you capture the best shots.

3. Feature your whole truck, bumper to bumper. Regardless of the theme, the idea is to feature your truck.

4. Keep true to the theme. If necessary, explain the reasoning why you feel the pictures meet the theme.

5. Do not edit your photo. Cropping is okay, and blocking out the license plate, but if the picture appears to have the color/brightness/contrast/etc. altered it will be one of the first to be cut.
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Re: December 2019's -- Truck Of The Month

Postby BigBlue2014 » Dec 02 2019, 9:35pm

Pic from today's snowfall.
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