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Lets see those snowy pics!

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Re: Lets see those snowy pics!

Postby jake2250 » Feb 13 2020, 6:20pm

Sorry,, I am of no use to this post. Been living here for just under 40 years and NO snow at my house Yet! Hence my plan when I left the suburbs of Philadelphia! Yuk,, I hated snow and the summer humidity.
This winter has been great, we are hovering in the low 70's with no rain in site for a few weeks!
Mowed the lawn three times since Christmas and am now planting the Spring/Summer Veggies.
I realize its still winter and the chance for colder weather and rain are a possibility, but dang it,, I gotta get the boat rebuilt and get back out on the lakes and make up for lost Bassin!
Thanks for posting the snow pictures,, I feel for ya, but its time to wipe some SPF 40 on and get back out in the yard!

One thing that we are dealing with that your all missing is,,,,the aggressive skeeters, they are bad this year, But, a few sprays of Deet and drinking Gin, keeps them at bay!
Come On Summer! :D
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Re: Lets see those snowy pics!

Postby IceTea2001 » Feb 13 2020, 6:51pm

Sounds like you got it made!
I’m actually heading down To the Weatherford Texas area later this month to visit with some freinds and family! It’s gonna be a nice break from the 30 degree weather that it’s been up here in new jersey
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Re: Lets see those snowy pics!

Postby scottl » Feb 14 2020, 6:22am

We finally got a measurable snow last Friday

When it startedImage

Couple deer raiding the bird feeders the next day

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