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What did you do to your rig today?

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Re: What did you do to your rig today?

Postby Contra » Jan 14 2020, 7:24am

roorancher wrote:It may be tapatalk or your phone. I usually wait to post pictures with either my laptop or my PC. I send them to myself from my phone to my email address, open them up in Paint, reduce the size to anywhere between 35 and 50%, then save it to the desktop, and then upload them to the site. They always upload correctly that way. PITA.
On another note, I really like that storage, but if I bought one I'd just be tempted to carry around more crap, and 99% of the time I keep my seats flipped up anyway...

I usually put the pics on my computer and open them in "PAINT" then make the background a little wider so it will be widescreen pic and then it works.
here is link to a vid I made...very short.


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Re: What did you do to your rig today?

Postby LRod » Jan 14 2020, 7:36am

Cool vid man! Very helpful! I ended up moving the pictures from my phone to my desktop. Rotated them 180 and then rotated them back to normal and saved. Uploaded them to my build thread and they seem to be oriented correctly. I guess I will be doing that from now on.
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