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MFDROOKIE516's 2012 3500 Silverado Build

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Re: MFDROOKIE516's 2012 3500 Silverado Build

Postby mfdrookie516 [OP] » Sep 21 2016, 3:19am

Jasen wrote:You could wire in off/on/off switch for the aux reverse lights, then you can have them come on when in reverse or trigger them manually when you want.
I wire my back up beepers on a on/off so I don't wake people when leaving for work early in the AM.

That's a cool idea. Won't cause any issues? I guess I could wire in a diode so that when I manually trigger it, it doesn't feed back through the system and trigger the back up cam and lights?
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Re: MFDROOKIE516's 2012 3500 Silverado Build

Postby Jasen » Sep 21 2016, 4:08am

You could use a SPDT switch. Cut your reverse wire, up stream lead to one leg of switch, down stream leg to center leg and aux power to remaining leg.

I'll be done when I'm finished, if that's not fast enough, take a number!

Jasen's Fire Red 06 Sierra Z71 project
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