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Building my 2002 GMC Sierra

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Building my 2002 GMC Sierra

Postby Connork125 [OP] » Apr 28 2017, 7:42pm

I am making this thread to keep track of the progress that I make on my truck. It may not be the fastest build because i'm still in high school, but I will put all of my free time towards upgrading my baby. She is a 2002 GMC Sierra extended cab with a 5.3L V8 2wd, and has duel super 44 flow masters installed. I purchased my sierra off craigslist last week for $6,000 and it had 178k miles on it. The truck at one point was fleet owned for 2 years, and they put 40k miles on the truck. My sierra has some upgrades already installed (pictures coming soon) she has after market tail lights, an aftermarket stereo head unit, a toolbox in the bed with chrome railings going down the tops of the bed. The previous owner removed the GMC logos which I reinstalled the day I purchased the truck, and he put in a aftermarket backup/ dash cam, and OEM GM side steps. That is just about all the upgrades I can think of that were previously installed. The truck has no rust since it was garage kept, an lived her entire life in South Carolina. She has been very well maintained, and has brand new tires on it.

I already have a few parts on order, and should be installed tomorrow at the least. I will provide a small list that I plan on installing at some point, but the list will grow, I promise.
-spec-d tuning headlights with halos
-an 5000k HID conversion kit off amazon.com
-2 new boss speakers to replace 2 blown speakers
- a 500 watt 10 in sub w/ amp
-bug deflector (yes i know not many people like it, but I just feel like something is missing from my front end vs my back end)

future upgrade list
-6 in lift
-33's and fuel rims with an offset (i don't know much about offsets so you guys can decide what offset)
-white matte wrap ( truck is currently 2 toned burgundy and silver)
-tow mirrors
-heavy duty front, and rear bumper
-under glow (purple to match the white wrap)
-52 in curved light bar
- new grille with a light bar in it
-LED's to go around light bar to match under glow

Other than that, the list will grow with some small projects, and some bigger ones depending on what deals I can find.
I'm really only certified in brakes, and electrical, so this is gonna be a huge step for me, and any tips will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, and i will post pictures ASAP, or it did't happen :lol:
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Re: Building my 2002 GMC Sierra

Postby ProfBrown » May 03 2017, 6:05pm

Looks like you have some high hopes and dreams. Now I might be wrong with the year range, but I believe the 02s may have been known for lifter issues later in their mileage life, so thats something to research and keep and ear/eye out for! Looks like it will be a good project truck, and reliable for a high school student! My advice, if its your only car, don't treat it like most kids would, be kind to the truck, and shell be kind back. That being said, don't be afraid to make memories in it, and good luck! Looking to see where this one goes! Smart coming here, tons of knowledge and things to learn from these guys and their rigs.

P.S. Pictures are a must!
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