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ACDelco brake hoses, whats the difference?

PostPosted: Feb 15 2020, 5:23am
by johndeerecharger
In the process of ordering parts for my 01 2500HD. been having issue with rear brakes, especially the right on hanging on. after checking and diagnosing and talking with some shops im pretty sure one on the brake hoses is collapsing internally, which one, not sure. so going to replace all 3 just to be sure i get it. And thanks to winters in wisconsin, going to change the steel brake lines out as well with stainless steel lines because they look so rusty that i have a feeling no matter how much spray the with penetrating oil the lines are going to twist right off.

Any way here is my question. On im in the brake hose selection looking at ACDelco hoses. there are 2 listed for each. Ill use the rear center hose for this question.
What is the difference between ACDelco 18J1901 and ACDelco 19366698 brake hoses besides price?

I went to ACDelcos website to confirm which one fit my truck via VIN search and both hoses come up in the results. this is the same this for the other 2 rear hoses as well.

Any ideas?

Re: ACDelco brake hoses, whats the difference?

PostPosted: Feb 15 2020, 7:12am
by silentbravo
ACDelco 19366698 is "GM Original Equipment", which means it is probably the best or better of the 2. AC Delco has some different tiers of parts, most or all of their stuff is made in either Mexico or China. Their best stuff is labeled as GM OE typically, and then they have some lower quality or price point lines as well.

This is what I have determined while shopping for parts anyway. When I researched what alternator to get, there were at least 2 ACDelco choices just like this situation, and one of them had much better reviews and was made in Mexico. The other parts were China made and didn't have as good of reviews. Probably the difference between an OE unit or maybe their "Professional" line and a lower line such as "Silver".

Most of the time you will want to get GM OE if you want the best parts, unless the aftermarket has done something proven better.

Re: ACDelco brake hoses, whats the difference?

PostPosted: Feb 15 2020, 8:54am
by Chevboy0167
I have had good luck with Wagner or Raybestos brake parts. Usually a bit cheaper also.

Re: ACDelco brake hoses, whats the difference?

PostPosted: Feb 27 2020, 1:51am
by TGstring
Not sure about the 2500 but my '02 1500 has higher mileage and needs brakes soon so I used this as an opportunity to schedule new pads, rotors , fluid and flexible hoses. I found that a complete goes for less than $150 USD from a reputable company line Russell. Haven'thad a chance to install them on this vehicle, but 2 other vehicles of mine have them installed and I love them.... Just an idea