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Electrical Issue with Power Steering

PostPosted: May 23 2020, 4:56pm
by Tylerrc34
Yesterday we had a big RAINFALL here in Florida. I was enjoying driving through the large puddles and watching water skyrocket over the sidewalks.

I pull up to a restaurant and eat dinner. On my way home it's still raining but not as bad. I'm taking a right turn at a stop light and mid turn I lose power steering. Nearly hit an oncoming car. The display on the dash reads "Power Steering - Drive With Care".

The next morning (today) I pull up some threads about this issue and read that water can get into a power steering motor or connections and cause problems. Some people have reported this same issue after going through a carwash. I'm thinking this is all related to the rain I drove through. I climb under the truck and disconnect the three medium/large connectors to the power steering pump. They are dry. I leave them disconnected for a minute. I also unplug the engine fuse box for one minute and then the battery for one minute. I start the truck again and the issue persists.

Has anyone had this problem and how did they go about fixing it?


How do I test a power steering motor?

2014.5 Silverado 1500 V8 LS

Re: Electrical Issue with Power Steering

PostPosted: Jun 06 2020, 9:33am
by EaOutlaw1969
From what I have read your fun time in the water could have triggered a communication trouble code disconnecting the plugs like you did could have further added more communication codes. these codes can cause diminished or no power steering.
So I would start by reading the current codes writing them down then clearing them to see if the power steering activates if after clearing the codes one or more of the codes come back you will have to troubleshoot the code or codes that come back.
This being said I am not sure what level of a diagnostic tool will be needed to read and clear these codes. I am thinking you may need more than a amazon special code tool. Hopefully others here will know what scan tool at minimum will help get you started.