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Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Jun 30 2017, 1:40pm
by Bradley21sanders
i thought i would start a build thread, only 5 years late! I will start with one picture of when i first got it, try to ignore the people in the picture. ha

2009 Silverado 5.3 6 speed with 3.42 gears, 2wd with 245/70r17 tires


Re: Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Jun 30 2017, 11:44pm
by ProfBrown
Looks good! Any more current pics or does it look about the same?

Re: Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Jul 03 2017, 3:27pm
by Bradley21sanders
That was about 4 years ago, I wanted to start a thread and go through old stuff and get up to date on everything I've done. Because hopefully there's a new set of rims and tires in the near future and a 4-6 in coilover lift, Or supercharger. :D

Within the next week I'll will be posting more to get it up to speed

Re: Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Jul 07 2017, 5:15pm
by Bradley21sanders
FINALLY to update the thread i will go in order of what was done and how it currently looks today.

the first thing i done was add a flow master original 40 series single in dual out with chrome tips. while waiting on the chrome door handle covers and raptor 4inch oval series nerf bars to come in. I also picked up a set of weather tech mud guards/flaps. shortly after got some AVS vent visors as well.


that was all cool for a little while then i decided to get a RC 2" level and get it tinted. Only did 35% on the front two windows and 20% over factory on the back, with a 5% windshield strip down to the AS1 line.

while i was at a friends house installing the level he happened to have a brush guard sitting in the back corner, well bought that and installed it too.


upgraded tires to a set of 285/70r17 cooper discover at3 (have 50k on them currently and will be in the market for some new ones soon)


i then decided to plasti-dip all the chrome badges black to see if i wanted to debadge it or not. i also had just finished using a clay bar on the whole truck for the first time.


same weekend i decided that maybe i should try a color other than black. so i tried red and blue to see which i liked. MSU alumni not ole miss wth was i thinking? i decided to go with red.


random shot


next thing i did was install some halos on the headlights, by cutting them open and gluing to the housing. i have a crappy iphone video of it but the halos didn't last at all. and i plasti dipped the chrome inside instead of paint encase i didn't like it and it held up good for about a year. the halos are now starting to fall off as well. the video is on instagram and i cant figure out how to pull it off to use.

heres a pic


Re: Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Jul 07 2017, 5:40pm
by Bradley21sanders
After the headlights i took the moulding off of the doors and cleaned it all up.



bought a diablo tuner and had a custom tune by lew done. after that i was done with mods for a little while

i then bought a conceptual polymer catch can and installed that.

Catch can Installed

did some thinking and decided to change from 3.42 gears to 4.11 gears here is a link to the thread showing all step.

How-To do a Ring and Pinion change

wanted to add this in because snow in Mississippi is rare!

then the next purchase was a UWS black low profile toolbox
showed up to the apartment complex front office and when i picked it up i joked with them saying it was a robot woman because i was single and needed someone.


i then toyed around with the idea of doing custom grills since everyone seemed to be paying a ridiculously stupid amount of money for some of those royalty core and such type of grills. but my computer crashed and couldnt use the CAD software. my buddy also sold his home built table after this, i wish i had bought it.


pre bend

slot in the center fit the original bowtie and held it in place securely. oh and yes thats a ton of emblems but it was meant to show off that i could do custom or anything i guess. also made it outta 3/16 and shouldve done 1/8 or so. woulda been so much easier to bend!


still need to install it here sometime soon when i get free time.

the most recent thing i have done is a zone 1.5" body lift

here is the rear only lifted

and the whole lift done

Re: Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Jul 07 2017, 7:02pm
by silentbravo
Interested in what that grille will look like mounted

Re: Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Jul 08 2017, 11:01pm
by Bradley21sanders
Since it will be longer than I would like to show that off here's some temporary pics. I'll be getting another cut out of thinner material at some point with a more challenging design. Just had the 3/16 laying around and a free plasma table at my disposal. And I will be doing a custom bumper so the bottom space where my hand is wont be noticeable.




If I was doing a lot of these I'd have a mold made to press these suckers down into to form them or something. I was pushing the rollers limit haha

Re: Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Aug 30 2017, 8:25pm
by Bradley21sanders
Latest mod.. forgot i had a build thread for a second there..

Another Halo Lift kit review

i believe i may take the lower spacer out and let it sit at 2" until i get new UCAs and new rear blocks. or something.

should probably call alex at halo lifts to make sure these things were set at 2" when they were shipped out.

because either they arent and thats why the rear is lower or they are at two and im in need of some new leafs...

Future mods:

looking into forced induction... so

upgraded trans. maybe built myself.. depends on if mine goes out and i run out of time to build one myself. i need to read up on the trans.. not sure what distinguishes stage 1-stage 5 builds.. Internals being forged or billet?

14bolt full float? not sure if necessary. not looking at making more than 500 for sure.
new driveshaft?
upgraded rotating assembly?
forged internals?
would like to do a nasty choppy/loping cam but i can still DD it. wanna be able to hear it loping a tad cruising under 45mpg ish. may not be possible with the forced induction deal and i could compromise on that.

i would do a twin setup and fab most of the stuff myself but i wont be able to have my truck down that long to do such.

set of 1 7/8 inch headers and full 3in back exhaust.

6.0 heads?

just rambling here.. thoughts are welcome, i am going to head over to at some point and start doing some searching too.

probably going to attempt to keep it under 20k by doing what i can my self but thats a loose budget and if i wind up buying a new block or an upgraded trans i know thats gonna hit the budget hard.

maybe i just need to get an old school chevy like the c50 and throw a 454 in it..

also plan to make my own ladder bar style traction bar set in the near future. and i have something else up my sleeve that is on hold until i learn more about electronics (hopefully i will have this done by Christmas though)

Re: Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Aug 31 2017, 8:09pm
by Bradley21sanders
well just locked my keys in the truck. cant find the extra fob. the extra key is in the truck. not normally there. and the fob i normally use i replaced the battery and it worked for a week and now it doesnt work either.

looks like once i get in the truck then soon i will be replacing the fobs.

but while im at it i guess ill add remote start.. well if i have the AP* code.. stay tuned

Re: Bradley's 2009 silverado build

PostPosted: Dec 05 2017, 5:15pm
by Bradley21sanders
So to give an update of what ive been doing here goes.
After talking with several members on here I finally attempted paint correction and I must say its much better than before. This poor fool right here though…. Wish I knew now what I needed to know about washing and caring for paint years ago.
Anyhow here is a shot of how the entire truck was basically.

before paint correction.jpg

And here is how about 90% of it looks now. I say 90 because there were some deeper scratches that the previous owner somehow put on it in only 7k miles, older man that didn’t care is what I assume considering the dealer claims an older woman traded it in after he passed on a car.


another after pic.jpg

After paint correction was done I coated it with a layer of wolfgang 3.0 sealant. In order to pull it into the garage for the overnight cure time I had to dang near kiss the wall and take out the hitch and it barely did fit. heres a shot of that and a shot of the water beads.

wall kiss.jpg

that wolf gang working.jpg

Seeing how shiny and nice the paint job was I looked down at my running boards and the brackets were pitted and rusty looking and the chrome was swirled pretty good, again my previous bad washing habits. So i took them off and got them down to bare metal primed painted and cleared them. big mistake on my part for taking them off. The recessed nuts in the running boards were a little rusted where the chrome rail attaches to the brackets i repainted. upon installation some of the nuts broke free and and now spin so on both sides there is 1 or two bolts not threaded in all the way, but 6 total hold it on so ill fix it one weekend.

before chrome rails.jpg


mostly cleaned.jpg



*You can rest assure that if theres a new truck or a new paint job in my future that it will stay a little more immaculate. The wifes new vehicle will be getting ceramic coated immediately when we get it, and i will learn her how to wash it right, since shes interested in detailing a bit.*

did all of this on an extended weekend a few weeks back