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WTB: 5 speed tranny for '88-up Silverado/Sierra

PostPosted: Nov 09 2010, 4:40pm
by trublu
I am soon gonna be needing to change the throw out bearing (getting noisy),clutch, etc. in my old gal and would like to buy a tranny to replace mine which is missing 2nd gear while I have the tranny out anyways.

I can buy a rebuilt for $800 but..I just dont have that kinda $$.
I have had no luck finding any used for under $400
Sooo...Here's the deal...IF you can find me one/sell me one for under $200 I will pay YOU a finders/sellers fee of $25 AND, my undying and neverending gratitude.

Guys...look,I know it's not much, but I dont have a lot and this is gonna be expensive enough with the new clutch pkg. and I would really prefer to change this tranny while it is out of the truck anways for the new clutch.etc.If you can help me out it would be GREATLY appreciated.

BTW:It fits ALL from 88-up GM full size pickups w/5speed tranny

Heres some specific application info for those interested in looking for one ...

Note:1988-2006 GM Full Size Truck 5 speeds CAN ALL BE INTERCHANGED

There are four GM medium duty transmission designs that led to and are often mistaken for the NV3500:They will ALL work!!
1987 MG-290
1988 HM-290 HM= Hydramatic / Muncie
1989 5LM60 (early)
1991 NVG 5LM60 (late) NVG= New Venture Gear
1993[1] New Venture Gear releases the NV3500. Externally the earlier GM units "look like" the NV3500 however internal components were extensively re-designed.

All 5 of these transmissions can be interchanged as a complete unit with the following caveats.
1)"Drop in" interchanges between GM S (S10 etc) and C/K trucks will require modification of driveshaft length and crossmember placement. GM S models have a longer tail-shaft than C/K trucks.
(THIS is specifically why Id prefer one from a Full size truck)

1988–1998 Chevrolet & GMC CK
1999–2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2500LD
1999–2006 GMC Sierra 1500 and 2500LD

88-89 Getrag 5sp, 1 st Design MG5, HM290
89-91 Getrag 5sp, 2nd Design MG5, HM290
91-on Getrag 5sp, 3rd Design MG5, HM290
95-on Getrag 5sp, 3rd Design NV3500
96-on Getrag 5sp, Late NV3500

Important NOTE:Even though similar versions of this tranny were used by both GM and D***e, the D***e transmissions will NOT interchange.

I will hold off on doing any work as long as the Throw out bearing stays together. Hopefully it will last awhile yet but who knows.

Thanks in advance for any help here,

Re: WTB: 5 speed tranny for '88-up Silverado/Sierra

PostPosted: Jul 03 2011, 5:11pm
by joeyjordison12000
i have a 5 speed 2x4 transmission that we had hooked to a 305 in a 91 gmc sierra in great working condition for 550