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throttle question

PostPosted: May 23 2020, 4:09pm
by jmchevy
I just bought a 2006 Silverado 1500 work truck with the 4.3 engine. Does my truck have the wired throttle with a TPS on the gas pedal, as opposed to the old throttle cable? I'm wondering because it has a little lag when the engine is cold and I've heard this is common. Thanks!

Re: throttle question

PostPosted: May 23 2020, 6:14pm
by jmchevy
Sorry about my post. As long as I've owned vehicles you would think I could see the throttle cable on my truck :roll: After looking harder I answered my own question. I understand these trucks have throttle lag due to the computer, is that true?

Re: throttle question

PostPosted: May 23 2020, 7:18pm
by 19trax95
Yeah there is always some lag in the drive by wire systems.

Some of it is due to torque management. They try to limit how much power can be put out and how fast it can be put out.

They sell throttle controllers that will help some. I'm not a fan of them though. Especially when you can do the same thing for free with your foot.

Basically all the throttle controllers do is trick the ECM into thinking your commanding more throttle than you are. All it's doing is making the readable travel of the pedal shorter. So for example, if the stock travel is 4" from 0% to 100%, it's a proportional value throughout the entire travel.

But with the throttle controller, your actual travel is still 4" but the amount of travel to get from 0% to 100% is now say 3" basically compressing that measurement that the pedal position sensors sees. So if you press down 1" on the pedal, before that would get you 25% throttle command. But now with the controller it will get you about 33% command.

So basically you can do the exact same thing with your foot by simply pressing down further on the pedal than you will intend to end up with. In essence that's all the throttle controllers do. But as a trade off they domt allow the truck to hold a gear to save its life and it's always down shifting. And by the time you turn the level up high enough its noticable, it's real jerky.