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Engine Squeal/whine when stepping on accelerator

engine issue

Engine Squeal/whine when stepping on accelerator

Postby ItsKevo_p [OP] » Mar 06 2015, 1:15am

hey everyone so i was having the lifter noise issue like most chevy's do but it was clacking when at an idle till you pressed on the gas and drove for awhile it would go away and then if it sat for awhile it would come back till you started driving again. well i did a bunch of research and everyone said to drain a quart of oil and then add a quart of transmission fluid and run it for about 10 minutes and shut the truck off and change the oil and that should take care of the problem. so i did and yes it did take care of the problem but now i have a new issue that needs addressing. now when you press on the gas pedal and start to accelerate it has a quick squeal/whine to the engine and then as it starts to come out of acceleration there is a slight clank out of the bottom of the engine or so i think that is where its coming from. i could still be hearing a clank from the lifter but i am not sure maybe you guys could give me some insight on it and maybe know what it is. i am attaching a video so you guys can hear it.

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