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Fuel Injectors...?


Fuel Injectors...?

Postby blaine3251 [OP] » Jul 17 2017, 12:21am

i have a 2008 silverado, with 205,000 miles on it. The engine light came on one day *flashing* when i was driving, and it idles rough, and shakes. Shifting from 1st to 2nd jults the truck hard. I had the code read, misfire on cylinder 4. Changed the plug, coil and injector, along with wire. replace it all, and it isn't fixed. Light still flashing i went to have the code read, and it just said cylinder 4 was misfiring. Anything helps, its been a frustrating couple of days. Thanks
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Re: Fuel Injectors...?

Postby Colodano » Jul 21 2017, 3:08pm

If it stayed on that one cylinder, have you checked all of the wiring for the injector and coil on that cylinder/ bank? Second big one, have you done a compression test?
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