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Lose of towing power

Original owner no codes 83k

Re: Lose of towing power

Postby Zrock » Jun 01 2020, 12:46am

83k on a 02... still does not mean it could not be failing... or u have the wrong info on your profile... rather way I would say its engine side and not trans side

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Shifting into Third Gear [L3]
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Re: Lose of towing power

Postby Badmunky » Jun 19 2020, 6:52am

Low power can be caused by a few things.
The fact that it has such low miles, and used mostly as a tow vehicle tells me you like do not get the cats up to full temp at least some of the time that you drive it.
This can cause them to start to plug up.
I would have them do a pre-cat pressure test.
They remove the up stream O2 sensor and install a pressure gauge that will tell them if the exhaust system has a restriction. If it passes then you know thats not the problem. If it fails you found the issue.

Before you do that tho remove your air filter from the air box and inspect the air box and filter. I know you said you store this vehicle inside but the dealer for sure did not while they were not working on it.

2 years ago My wife came home from work and complained that her Jeep ran perfect on the way to work, and hardly do freeway speeds on the way home. I ran test after test and everything checked out. I decided to check the air filter even tho I knew I had replaced it at the last oil change.
Some rodent had built a nest in the air box while she was at work! The was blocking off around 80% of the air filter.

Took me 5 minutes to fix the problem.

Just a suggestion.

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Combustion on 6 pistons [L2]
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