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More Towing Power

More Towing Power

Postby livinginthecountry [OP] » May 19 2016, 7:22pm

As the title states, I'm looking for more towing power. Truck is a 2000 2500HD. I'm not looking for a new truck. This truck has a low mileage engine and tranny recently installed. I'd like to know how someone thinks this combo would stack up compared to simply swapping an 8.1 engine in. Also, could someone suggest some heads and cam package for low end torque. I pull 10k daily with this truck. It has no issue on flat land, with the exception of taking off at lights. But I tow frequently through hills with equipment such as Bobcats.

Should I notice a night and day difference?

1. Cam / Head Package (You suggest package)
2. 4.56 Gears (I have 35's)
3. Long Tube Headers / Hi-Flow Cats
4. Cold Air Intake (Already Installed)
5. Custom Tuned for Towing (Removing TM, and power in lower end range)

How should I stack up against the 8.1 in Towing. I know for a fact the 8.1 would tow what I pull daily, as I've towed with one before. However, modding the 6.0 would be much easier. Which route would you pro's suggest other then a diesel that I don't know how to work on in the field?
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Re: More Towing Power

Postby Jgduran » May 21 2016, 1:54am

Gear swap will probably help out the most for towing. Then I would say cam and headers but you will need to get a custom tune for your truck to maximize the power you get from that.
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Re: More Towing Power

Postby bootstrap » May 26 2016, 1:46pm

well the 8.1 would've come with an Allison 1000. So right away its got another gear range that is beneficial. That said, I tow 12,000 lbs and I am satisfied with how my truck, with stock tires and 4.10 gearing tows it. I can hold overdrive doing 65mph on the highway even on mild grades, say 1-2%.
I would say get rid of those 35's before anything else. A truck that's towing heavy should have no larger than stock size tires.
I'd stay away from diesels if you can. Even now with fuel prices about the same, the cost to own a diesel is still higher. And if you lose an injector or worse, injection pump...get ready to bend over. Then we shouldn't forget the cost to get into a diesel. Its much higher compared to a similar gas rig.
If you really need those 35's, for manhood enlargement or somehow, an actual necessity, then swapping out gears is going to be the best option for you.
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Re: More Towing Power

Postby taylorbickett » May 26 2016, 2:25pm

yep gears and if you are looking to do a cam/heads package than it sounds like you wouldnt have a problem with doing a custom converter. From what i know with the diesels is the torque converter is a HEAVY piece. When I worked at the local hot rod shop in town they built converters and when you lighten up that converter it was good for 50-75 HP to the wheels on a duramax. (getting rid of parasitic loss, not adding power lol) I am not sure at all if there is any difference between the 8.1l TC and the duramax TC in the allison but if it is then that would be a good upgrade.

Also note that we would rarely mess with the stall of TC beings a loose converter isnt the best for towing. Just focus on a triple disc with some lightweight materials.

Remember that when you pick out a cam you are most likely going to move the powerband up into the rpm range depending on the grind you get. stick with a smaller cam so you can use it down low or just use your stocker.
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