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Hi all.

My wife and I bought a pop up camper during COVID and are looking to upgrade to a travel trailer. I've been trying to stay around 32 feet or less and about 6,000 lbs. I recently bought a '22 Silverado RST crew cab w/ a short bed and a 5.3 v8. Towing capacity is 9,200 lbs.

For the most part we camp state parks within a couple hours of the house but wouldn't mind venturing out a little further. We live in Ohio so no mountains here but if we were to go south through West Virginia or Tennessee we could hit mountains if we went that route.

Is this a realistic set up? Am I pushing the limits too far with a 1/2 ton and a trailer of this size or should I be looking at something smaller? The camper we like is pretty much right at 6k.
What size Rear Gear Ratio? I have a 2018 Silverado 1500 4x4 Double Cab 6.5 ' bed. Dealer told me 9200 lbs towing but when the RV Dealer checked I was told I had a 308 rear gear which meant I was limited to 6200 lbs. I bought a very nice and roomy 30 foot that weighs just under 5000 lbs and have had no problems towing it. I have also put a gas powered golf cart (they weigh less than electric) in bed at same time
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