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I had a 33' 5th wheel that I towed with a 2500 6.6 diesel and I had this 30' Northtrail 25BHPS, 6800 lb. towing with my 1500 3.0 diesel and I like how this rides better and I've driven it in the Columbia River Gorge in high winds. The big diesel definitely pulls up mountains better and I can't compare the 3.0 to the 5.3 but this with engine it pulls this up mountain passes very well. This trailer maxed out the tongue weight of 800 lbs. (dry) and 900 lbs. loaded but with empty water tanks. I traded this trailer for in for a 31' Kodiak 27SBH same dry weight but 580 lb. dry tongue weight. I wasn't able load anything in the front cargo hold or have water in the tank on the Northtrail because of the heavy tongue weight. I like the layout of the Kodiak better and little things like being able to get into the bathroom and bedroom without having to open the slide out. Initial quality if much better too.

With this I was hoping to get better mileage but towing it's the same as the 2500 and 5th wheel, though when not towing mileage is much better and rides better. After 5000 miles towing this I don't feel I need airbags on the truck.
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2500HD, drove this about 20,000 miles. I had air bags on this truck.
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